Magic in our lives

Every one of us drives an alternate way of life. Some live in the open country, among nature and work from home, and some live in a major city consistently, encountering its rushing about each day and working in enormous organizations. Our lives can frequently be totally different. In any case, what we as a whole share practically speaking, regardless of whether we like it, is having a place with nature, and hence – reliance on it. From its cycles, changes and impacts.

In this manner, an ever increasing number of individuals, regardless of where and how they live, incorporate more nature, otherworldliness and enchantment into their lives. Be that as it may, there are likewise individuals who, despite the fact that they might want to, don’t have the foggiest idea how to do it in view of living in a major city, away from wild nature.

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Litha water - water for blessings collected on the summer solstice

Litha Water is water collected on the day of a magical holiday. Litha is a festival that falls on the day of the summer solstice. It is associated with balance, especially between water and fire. In many circles, Litha is a Sabbath associated with the water element. Litha Water has the unique spirit of this period. On this day, the blessings associated with these two elements take place.

Collect water on the day of the summer solstice or in the form of rainwater, because the weather is now favorable, whether from the nearest stream or lake. Describe the bottle so as not to confuse Litha Water with water of other energies. Use it in rituals to cleanse and energize magic tools and amulets.

Magic drink of bright fire on betlane

The Magic Bright Fire Potion is a recipe for the concoction that we can celebrate the Beltane Sabbath. This magical holiday is celebrated at the turn of April and May. Each day brings us closer to the summer solstice, which is why we are already enjoying longer days and greater sun power. The central theme of Beltane is growth in all its forms. It is a celebration of the abundance of nature and life, magic, flowers, fire, as well as love, fertility and sexuality. It marks the moment of symbolic union between God and Goddess, and therefore it is the time of the attracting of opposites. This is an important time when the veil between the worlds is getting thinner and there is more magic in the air.

Below you will find a recipe for a magic drink suitable for celebrating Beltane. It comes from the book “Book of Potions” by Michael Furie.

This drink strengthens personal power and attunes with the overall energy of Beltane. To complete it, you will need:

2 glasses of water
1 tablespoon of sweetmeat,
1 tablespoon of rose petals,
1 teaspoon of hibiscus,
1 teaspoon passion fruit (passion flower) tea,
1 teaspoon of peppermint,
additionally a sweetener (sugar, stevia or honey) to taste.
Energize the herbs with the intention of connecting to the Beltane power and then brew them as usual. After it has cooled down, strain it through a sieve, you can also sweeten it to taste. The drink is ready to drink. Note: Do not use the infusion if you are allergic to any of the ingredients, or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Red Moon

Respecting the red shade of the moon is a remarkable encounter for the feeling of sight. This strange view is brilliant, yet in addition uncomfortable. Quite a while back, it was accepted that the red moon was a harbinger of the fury of the divine beings, war, or demise. It isn’t not really shocking that this peculiarity got the name of the “blood moon” and is significant in enchantment and soothsaying.

In any case, this occasion has an extremely basic logical clarification. Today we realize that the red sparkle is the consequence of an all out lunar obscuration. The earth lines up precisely between the moon and the sun, and in this way raises some serious questions about it. NASA makes sense of that during such a shroud, the main light that arrives at the moon comes from the edge of the Earth’s environment, and the gas particles in it dissipate blue light waves. The moon just seems red on the grounds that the remainder of the light shines off it with a gleam of that tone.

It has been known for quite a while that the moon influences the prosperity and the human body. The importance of the red moon changes relying upon the local area wherein it is deciphered. For ministers, particularly from the United States, it implies the looming end times. This significance was many times perused from the surprising shade of the moon before, however today it is dealt with substantially more emphatically. The presence of a red moon overhead is a great chance to endlessly consider your life up to this point. Might it be said that you are blissful? What might you want to change? What are your goals? It is a second to zero in on yourself, your necessities and dreams. The imagery of the red variety itself is very telling. Red in enchantment is life, energy, wellbeing, strength and essentialness. It tends to be related with a flood of new energy to act and an inspiration to change your life. Perhaps you need to liberate yourself from propensities or change your life 180 degrees by satisfying your deepest dreams? The red moon is the ideal chance to settle on such choices. As per current soothsaying, its impact will fluctuate contingent upon the indication of the zodiac in which it is found. For instance, the past red moon, which showed up on May 26, 2021, was in Sagittarius, so it proclaimed the ideal time for another experience and following your fantasies.

The red moon is an interesting peculiarity. It ordinarily happens a few times each year. The possibilities appreciating this obscuration are tiny. Ordinarily, in 10 years, simply four to five all out obscurations should be visible from anyplace on Earth. The moon looks red relying upon the point and where we are on the globe. This implies that each overshadowing can be appreciated from somewhere else on the planet. The following (fractional) shroud will be seen overhead on November 19, 2021. Tragically, it won’t be noticeable all over the place. In the north, it will appear over North America, Siberia and the northern piece of Europe. In the south, being seen by the occupants of Australia and Central and East Asia will be capable. The impending blood moon will show up overhead on May 16, 2022 and will endure around 85 minutes. You will actually want to notice it from North America, South America, Europe, Africa and portions of Asia.

The red lunar obscuration is an interesting peculiarity, so when it happens, individuals plan different ceremonies that will assist with purifying both the space and the human body and psyche. Here are a few instances of exercises you can do during a lunar shroud to assemble new energy and delivery old energy and get the most advantage for your body and soul.

Purging BATH
The surge of new energy brought about by the red moon is the ideal chance to purify the body. Notwithstanding, as a matter of some importance, make your space clean. Prior to scrubbing down, completely wash the bath and clean the room. Sage or Palo Santo are ideal for sanitizing energy in the restroom. The actual shower ought to occur in warm water with the expansion of salt and natural ointments. You can add your number one precious stones to the water, for example quartz or amethyst and dried blossoms. To provide yourself with the true serenity required for profound unwinding, switch out the lights and light the candles in the room. Then, at that point, enjoy the second and pay attention to your body.

The lunar obscuration is the ideal chance to quiet down and look inside yourself. Contemplation will assist you with this. Light the candles, turn on loosening up music, pause for a moment or two and begin reflection. Center around your environmental elements and feel great in it. Then, at that point, shift your regard for your body. Control your breathing, clear your brain of superfluous energy. Remain completely engaged and mindful of your soul and body all through your reflection.

All you really want for this custom is a light and explicit expectations. Compose a rundown of new things that you might want to bring into your life alongside a comparing certification. Then, while lighting a candle, rehash your goals multiple times. Make sure to imagine your objectives, center around the subtleties, figure how confirmation will transform you and how you will feel about it. You can play out the custom for a couple of days after the overshadowing, contingent upon the length of the light consuming.