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Tregaron is a small busy market town on the banks of the River Brenig. Its market square is dominated by the statue of the Revd Henry Richard M.P.


Henry Richard was born in Tregaron in 1812, the son of Ebenezer Richard, a Calvinistic Methodist minister. Henry became a Congregational minister and entered Parliament as Liberal M.P. for Merthyr Tydfil in 1868, serving until his death in 1888. He was best known as an advocate for peace and arbitration. The statue was unveiled in 1893 and is by Albert Toft.

Borrow writes of his visit in 1854:

After descending a hill we came to what looked a small suburb, and presently crossed a bridge over the stream, the waters of which sparkled merrily in the beams of the moon which was now shining bright over some lofty hills to the south-east. Beyond the bridge was a small market-place, on the right-hand side of which stood an ancient looking church. The place upon the whole put me very much in mind of an Andalusian village overhung by its sierra. “Where is the inn?” said I to my companion.


“Yonder it be;” said he pointing to a large house at the farther end of the market-place. “Very good inn that — Talbot Arms — where they are always glad to see English gentlemans.”


I EXPERIENCED very good entertainment at the Tregaron Inn, had an excellent supper and a very comfortable bed. I arose at about eight in the morning. The day was dull and misty. After breakfast, according to my usual fashion, I took a stroll to see about. The town, which is very small, stands in a valley, near some wild hills called the Berwyn, like the range to the south of Llangollen. The stream, which runs through it and which falls into the Teivi at a little distance from the town, is called the Brennig, probably because it descends from the Berwyn hills.


I did not fail to pay a visit to Tregaron church. It is an antique building with a stone tower. The door being open, as the door of a church always should be, I entered, and was kindly shown by the clerk, whom I met in the aisle, all about the sacred edifice. There was not much to be seen. Amongst the monuments was a stone tablet to John Herbert, who died 1690.

Fenton, writing in 1804 :

At Tregaron had a snack of Eggs and Bacon, and a draught of pleasant light ale. Met the Clergyman as I entered the Churchyard of Tregaron, but found him a low stupid creature. On a stone inserted in the wall of the Southside, and evidently brought from Llannio or some more ancient place, found an Inscription and nearer to the East end, the same side, another. The Church has a large well built Tower, and is curiously situated on a little rising Knoll projecting into the River.

The church is dedicated to St Caron, one of the many Welsh saints whose story is lost in time. The church dates from the 14th century with the nave built in 1879 as can be seen from the windows.

Tregaron Bog

To the North West of Tregaron lies Tregaron Bog, Cors Caron, an area of raised bog amounting to a little over 2000 acres with the Teifi flowing through it. The area is a nature reserve, Site of Special Scientific Interest, a Special Area of Conservation and a Ramsar Convention Site making it of international importance. (The Ramsar Convention of 1971 held at Ramsar in Iran agreed on the conservation of wetland sites across the world. Britain has 166 of the 1847 sites in the 159 Convention countries.

The Reserve is an exceptional site for wildlife.

Legend has it that the town of Tregaron was originally on the site of Maes Llyn, but that the townsfolk were given to rioting, drinking and revelry, and, despite warnings failed to change their ways. The town was destroyed by lightning , fire and flood.

The Teifi below Pont Einon

Pont Einon The Old Bridge 1805

Tregaron Red Kite Centre

The Tregaron Red Kite centre is situated on the road from Tregaron to Llanddewi Brefi. Feeding of the kites takes place at 2 P.M. daily in Winter only.

The Red Kite

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