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Llansteffan from across the Estuary


Llansteffan is situated on the Western side of the Towy estuary across from Ferryside. It has a long sandy beach and at low tide stretches round to Scott's Bay and Wharley Point  where the estuaries of the Towy and Taf meet. Free parking is available next to the beach. The tide in the estuary means that the sands are quickly covered and care needs to be taken.

The village grew up at the foot of the Norman Castle, built to control the ferry crossing of the Towy at this point.




 There was an Iron Age fort on the site and earthworks can be seen to the West of the castle. The castle is in the hands of Cadw and there is no entry charge.


The castle like most in the area was taken and retaken in turn by the Welsh and Normans. In 1189 it fell to the Lord Rhys of Deheubarth but subsequently was regained by Henry II who passed it to the de Camville family. A stone castle was now built but the castle was again taken by the Welsh in 1215 and 1257 but returned to the de Camvilles. After Llewelyn the Last's attack in 1257 there was extensive reconstruction and the Great Gatehouse dates from this time. Llansteffan was again taken by Owain Glyndwr. By this time the castle was in the hands of the Penrees family but returned to the crown to be given by Henry VII to Jasper Tewdor in 1495. Jasper carried out extensive work to the Great Gatehouse but then neglected the Castle and it fell into disrepair. 








Looking Across to Ferryside and the Beach looking North


The Towy Estuary from Llansteffan Castle Looking towards the Gwendraeth Estuary

Llansteffan Castle enjoys superb views across the Towy estuary to the Gwendraeth and beyond. to the Gower, with Worms Head visible in the distance.


Looking North towards Carmarthen from the Castle and Plas Llansteffan

The Towy and Gwendraith estuaries from Wharley Point

Scott's Bay 

Scott's Bay and St Anthony's Cottage

St Anthony's Well

Tucked away behind a door in what appears to be a garden wall along a path leading from Scott's Bay is St Anthony's Well. The plaque  pictured above gives details of St Anthony. The water was believed to have healing properties.


Llansteffan Sands and Castle

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