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Dan yr Ogof

The National Showcaves Centre for Wales


Situated in the upper Tawe valley, Dan yr Ogof and the other caves arepart of a large limestone cave system under the Eastern side of the Black Mountain.

The centre has developed into a major tourism centre with an iron Age village, Shire Horse centre, Dinosaur park, museum, stone circles, farm and play barn as well as three caves.

Dan yr Ogof the emergence of the River Llynfell and the original access to the cave


Dan yr Ogof caves were named after the Dan yr Ogof Farm, meaning the farm beneath the cave. It was in 1912 that Tommy and Jeff Morgan first entered the cave system, using coracles to cross the underground lakes they found. They were however thwarted by a low passage that was not entered until 1963, when it was discovered that there was more than 10 miles of cave system. Exploration continues, but some believe that the system continues for up to 90 miles.

The "Alabaster Pillar"

Today there is an easy walkthrough the publicly accessible caves, with lighting effects and a sound commentary giving an explanation of the features.

The Cathedral Cave

Water cascading in Cathedral Cave

The Cathedral Cave was discovered in 1963 when cavers blasted an opening from a small cave above Dan yr Ogof, revealing a cave system and the giant Cathedral Cave.

At the entrance is a tableau representing cave dwellers.

Iron Age Village

A reconstruction of an Iron Age village

Dinosaur Park

Life size models of Dinosaurs are arranged on the hillside near the cave entrances


The Bone Cave

The Bone Cave is so called because of the 42 human skeletons that have been found there, dating back to the Bronze Age some 3000 years ago. The oldest bones discovered are those of a Red Deer dating from 5000 B.C.

Other Attractions

Stone circles have been erected in an area with a range of animals including sheep, goats, donkeys, alpacas and emus.

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