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This village is situated North of Llandovery and extends to small hill farms amid wild scenery, but look out for the 14th century church with its wall paintings and the chapel said to be the first Methodist chapel in Wales.

The church is dedicated to St Michael. It has two aisles probably needed for processions. The wall paintings are said to date from the 18th century and are mainly in the South Aisle. The original paintings were over painted in a misconceived youth employment scheme of 1986. The painting of the Royal Coat of Arms on the East wall is partly covered by the 15th century wagon roof, a result perhaps of early 20th century renovation? The Coat of Arms is unusual in that while similar to that used by George I, II and III between 1714 and 1801, the shield in the centre of the bottom left quarter  depicts the Prince of Wales Feathers rather than the Imperial Crown of the Holy Roman Empire. Was this a mistake by the original artist or the "restorers"? The animals in the bottom left quarter represent the King's domains in Hanover. Note also the almost cartoon-like Irish Harp.



The painted version of the crucifixion above the East window and a skeletal depiction of Death


Note the different roof constructions of the two aisles, The Northern aisle (lower picture) has a barrel vaulted base and dates from the 14th century while the wagon roof of the Southern aisle is 15th century but was originally panelled.


The Towy from the New Bridge

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