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Abergorlech Brechfa and

the Cothi Valley

Situated in the beautiful Cothi valley, Abergorlech is a tranquil village with probably the oldest surviving bridge in the area and a series of posted walks in the Brechfa Forest from the Forestry Commission car park on the edge of the village.

Abergorlech Bridge thought to be medieval in origin


The River Cothi


Brechfa is a sixth century village which gives its name to the forest which is now a major centre for walking and cycling. Standng on the River Marlais, Brechfa had a church and spring dedicated to St Teilo, the sixth century Celtic saint who gave his name to Llandeilo. The original church was demolished in 1893 and the stone used to build the church hall. The spring has now dried up. The parish of Brechfa was gifted to Talley Abbey in the 13th century. In the 1930s, Brechfa became a training centre for forestry workers.

Brechfa Forest covers over 6500 hectares and is mixed use with forestry and leisure facilities. Originally an oak woodland, conifers now dominate.

The Cothi valley is largely wooded, unlike the Towy and Teifi valleys. Even in an area well away from the rush of city life, this valley and its surroundings are strikingly tranquil and beautiful.

The drive from Abergorlech to Pontargothi following the river is one of the most attractive scenic drives in the area.

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